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Care Guide

Care guide for your jewellery to feel and look as fabulous as the day you got it!

Don't forget your item was made with LOVE so please don't forget to show it some LOVE right back by taking care of it! 

We always appreciate you supporting our small business!
To get the most out of your handmade jewellery we have a few care instructions to make sure your jewellery lasts!

  • Keep away from extreme temperatures! 

    Think of goldilocks and the three bears, Not too cold, Not too hot, ahhh just right!

  • Keep away from moisture! 

  • Remove before entering water

  • Remove when active 

  • Avoid direct contact with perfumes, lotions, etc. allow products to dry before wearing as they may cause damage to your pieces

  • Remove before going to sleep!

  • We know you want to just throw your jewellery in your purse / bag to be and feel as fabulous wherever you go BUT our jewellery should be protected from damages and would be best stored separately in a small pouch, box or container 

Our earrings are made using titanium backings which means they're nickel free, hypoallergenic! Perfect for sensitive ears! 

Our jewellery is made using acrylic and wood, our materials are very durable, but are HANDMADE and deserved to be cared for with some extra LOVE!

Care Guide for the rest of our products!

  • Do not submerge in water!

  • Keep away from moisture and extreme temperatures! 

  • Direct exposure to sunlight may lead to loss of the colour 

  • IF NEEDED TO Clean products with a damp cloth, dry with a clean lint-free cloth