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Hey there!! I’m Erika, Owner of (you’ll never guess it!) Designs by Erika!
Designs by Erika started back in 2016 (holy cow!creating handmade jewellery for holiday gifts. We did our FIRST ever craft show during the 2016 holiday season and haven’t stopped since! (We’ll NEVER forget that feeling of “OMG! Someone enjoys our art?!) 

Designs by Erika now creates jewellery, accessories, and home decor that are all handmade and designed in Guelph, Ontario. 

Working with materials spanning from specialty wood to acrylic to create statement products that match the personalities and aesthetic of our customers.

From sentimental accessories to seasonal jewellery Designs by Erika creates giftable pieces for any occasion!

You’ll be able to find us locally in Guelph, Ontario at craft shows, art shows selling jewellery, accessories and home decor throughout the year! 

THANK YOU for the continued support over the years with our business! We continue to be THANKFUL for allowing us to create art for a living!